Roading Network Updates

Update as at 17 January 2019


The following activities are included in the planned (Weather depending) roadworks on the Waitomo District roading network:

Programmed for Thursday 17/01/2019                       

  • KUMARA RD 3016m to 4248m                 
  • KUMARA RD 4248m to 6285m               
  •  KUMARA RD 30m to 552m   

Proposed for Friday 18/01/2019

  • MOKAUITI RD 2919m to 4636m                         
  • MAROKOPA RD 26m to 1567m                
  • PATOTO RD 20m to 344m                      
  • Fullerton Slip Lane 0m to 127m               
  • MAIROA RD 3158m to 6110m

Linemarking Sites

  • TOTORO RD 1583m to 2664m                           
  • TAHAROA RD 4750m to 5160m                                   
  • MAIROA RD 8716m to 10217m                          
  • TAHAROA RD 11793m to 12175m                                
  • MAIROA RD 6110m to 8716m                           
  • WHITELEY PL 3m to 131m       

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Please report roading service issues to WDC on 0800 932 4357.