Important Information about Waitomo District Council Infrastructure

Update as at 21 September 2017



WDC's Contractor is currently working on a number of areas of our roading network. We will provide status updates about our roading network as they become available. 


Mangaokewa Road is OPEN to traffic - signs and traffic cones remain in place. 


Work is ongoing for the following sites. Click here to view the map. (PDF, 298 Kb)


  • Ohura Rd 13H – Large overslip blocking one lane cleared 19/09.
  • Waitewhena Rd 13H  - Overslips on shoulder cleared 19/09.
  • Pomarangai Rd 7D, 7E, 7F – Small overslips and blocked culverts cleared 19/09.
  • Coutts Rd 4D – Blocked culverts cleared 19/09.
  • Mangatoa Rd 6C - Large overslips blocking one lane cleared 20/09.
  • Taharoa Rd 4E – Overslips and blocked culverts cleared 20/09.
  • Mangatoa Rd 6C, 9C– Digger crew returning to clear other overslips on shoulders today.
  • Marokopa Rd 4E, 5D – Digger crew returning to clear overslips and blocked culverts today.
  • Manganui Rd 10C, 11C – Digger crew returning to clear overslips in watertables today.
  • Te Mahoe Rd 14B - Digger crew returning to clear overslips today.
  • Tumutumu Rd 5I – Overslip digger crew cleared. More material falling. Crew will be returning to clear when available after finishing other overslip work.
  • Hauturu Rd 4H – Overslips signed up and some blocked culverts hand cleared. Digger crew to return and clean up slips/culverts.

Overslips on the following roads - these have have been checked, signed and scheduled for follow-up work:

  • Walker Rd 6L 
  • Troopers Rd  7I 
  • TeAnga Rd 4F, 4I, 5H 
  • Ahoroa Rd 7M 
  • Ohirea Rd 10N 
  • Waimiha Rd 11M  
  • Taumatamaire Rd 12D 
  • Takiri Rd 13L  
  • Totoro Rd 11F  
  • Mapara Sth Rd 10L, 11L  
  • Tikitiki Rd 10J 

Underslips on the following roads. Signs are in place and netting has been erected. To be assessed by WDC and Inframax for repair: 

  • Mangaokewa Rd 9M 
  • Oparure Rd 7I 
  • Marokopa Rd 4E
  • Mangatoa Rd 8C
  • Troopers Rd 7I 
  • Taumatatotara West Rd 3E 


All sites are passable for traffic, including trucks, at least one-way. 

Storm Damage Map Waitomo District 21 September 2017 (PDF, 298 Kb)

Report flooding and service issues to WDC on 0800 932 4357. WDC’s Roading Contractor is working to reinstate the local road network as soon as practicable. Drivers may encounter road works at affected sites. People are urged to pay attention to the road signs when moving through a road works site. 


Update as at 10 May 2017


The two recent severe weather events of 4 to 6 April and 12 to 14 April 2017 caused extensive damage to the Local Roading Network.


Road repairs are ongoing. All local roads are open for traffic, but there are currently seven sites where the road is restricted to single lane.  A portion of the work completed to date is considered to be temporary repairs that will require subsequent permanent repairs to reinstate them to the original standard. Permanent repairs are estimated to begin in one months time. Completion dates are dependent on the requirements at each site. Our best estimate at this stage is all permanent repairs will be completed by December 2017.

Important Information about Waitomo District Council Infrastructure