Roads and Footpaths

The Roads and Footpaths Group is Council's single largest cost centre involving the maintenance and development of unsealed and sealed roads including related drainage, kerbs and channels, bridges, street lighting, footpaths and street cleaning for all of the Waitomo District Community.

Council does not maintain State Highways.

An efficient, safe and sustainable road network is essential for the economic well-being of our District. Council maintains its roads under contract, to a standard that provides safe and comfortable driving within the limitations of available funding.

Subsidised Roading

The Roads and Footpaths Group is partly subsidised by Central Government and requires close and detailed management to meet Council's obligations under the funding agreement with New Zealand Transport Agency (NTZA), the national road funding authority. NZTA provides a subsidy for works that meet their criteria via the regional council’s Land Transport Programme. The activities currently subsidised by NZTA are:

    • Sealed Pavement Maintenance
    • Unsealed Pavement Maintenance
    • Routine Drainage Maintenance
    • Structures Maintenance
    • Environmental Maintenance
    • Traffic Services Maintenance
    • Level Crossing Warning Devices
    • Emergency Reinstatement
    • Network and Asset Management
    • Professional Services

Unsubsidised Roading

These are activities carried out to ensure safe and efficient travel within and through the District and are necessary for road or pedestrian safety and convenience, but are not subsidised by NZTA. The Council has sole financial responsibility for this activity. The activities include:

    • Footpath Maintenance

    • Footpath Renewals
    • Amenity Lights
    • Unsubsidised miscellaneous work
    • Street Cleaning
    • Carpark Maintenance (other than kerbside parking)