Quick tips to save water

All of the water that flows into homes connected to the town supply, is good enough to drink. That’s right – the water in your toilet, washing machine, hose and faucet all comes from the same place, the Water Treatment Plant. It has been treated and tested to be clean and safe for human consumption. 

The next time you turn on the tap, flush the toilet or run a household appliance, remember that all the water you use is precious. Do your best to use it sparingly.

During summer when river levels drop and water consumption increases, we must manage our water supply carefully.  Restrictions help to manage the demand for water, to ensure there will be enough for the essential needs of households, businesses, and public services. 

Every effort you make to conserve water will make a big difference. 

There are plenty of simple things we can do around home to conserve water. The following quick tips will help you to conserve water.

In the garden and outdoors In the garden and outdoors

During summer our gardens need extra attention to make it through the hot weather. This is when water usage can become an...

In the laundry In the laundry

Around 20% of a household's daily water consumption is used in the laundry. When washing clothes, run full loads or be su...

In the bathroom In the bathroom

Typical water use at home is about 25% in the bathroom. Turn off the tap when cleaning your teeth or shaving, you can sav...

In the kitchen In the kitchen

On average, a household uses around 25% of water in the kitchen for washing dishes, hands, food preparation and drinking....

Quick tips to save water