In the laundry

Around 20% of a household's daily water consumption is used in the laundry.

  • When washing clothes, run full loads or be sure to set controls for a partial load if you are doing less.
  • Replace washers on dripping taps. A small regular drip can waste a hundred litres of water a week.

  • Turn off all taps when not in use.

  • Are you in the market for a new washer? Choose an Energy Star washing machine. It will save water each load (and save power too).

Did You Know?

All of the water that flows into homes connected to the town supply, is good enough to drink. That’s right – the water in your toilet, washing machine, hose and faucet all comes from the same place - the Water Treatment Plant. It has been treated and tested to be clean and safe for human consumption. 

The next time you turn on the tap, flush the toilet or run a household appliance, remember that all the water you use is precious. Do your best to use it sparingly.

In the laundry