Small leaks = BIG water losses

Breaks and leaks can occur in underground water pipes on properties both in town or the country. A leaking water pipe can lose a lot of water every hour of every day, until it is repaired properly.

We often do not know our pipes are leaking and if undetected can result in a huge loss of water and damage to property. 

Here are some simple ways to check for leaks on your property:

  • Check for damp patches in the garden or driveway during dry weather.
  • Look for single patches of the lawn that are always green no matter how dry the weather has been.
  • Listen for the sound of running water down a drain (rather like when your tank or cistern in the toilet is filling) when no water is being used in your property. 

If you have found any of the above events taking place on your property, it is in your best interests to investigate or call a plumber. If it is outside your property contact WDC, so we can investigate the possible leak further.


Small leaks = BIG water losses