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NOTE: Submissions received on the 2018-28 Long Term Plan, will be made publicly available as required by the Local Government Act 2002 and subject to the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987. This includes submitter name and address


Council proposes the local establishment of an accredited Safe Community programme using the Safe Communities model. Refer page 9.
The options are:
OPTION 1 (PREFERRED OPTION) Council should pursue Safe Communities accreditation to support the development of our communities.
OPTION 2: Council should not pursue the safe communities accreditation.
OPTION 3: Council should make the Safe Communities initiative an even greater priority and allocate more funding towards it?
Which option do you choose?


The Game on Charitable Trust (GoCT) proposes the development of the North King Country Indoor Sport and Recreation Centre (the Sports Centre) in Te Kuiti. Council has been invited to provide funding for that development. Refer pages 10-11.
The Options are:
OPTION 1 (PREFERRED OPTION) - Council provide a maximum capital funding grant to the GoCT of $1.5 million; $1 million in 2018/19 year and $500,000 in 2019/20.
(under the proviso that if the GoCT are able to source additional funding from other benefactors then Council would contribute less?)
OPTION 2: Council should not provide any capital funding for the sports centre.
Which option do you choose?

Council plans to participate and become a member of the proposed Waikato Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA).
And, the South Waikato economic initiative to develop a strategy and action plan for the economic development of the South Waikato sub-region. Refer page 12.
Do you support Council’s proposal to participate in the WREDA and the South Waikato economic initiative? (our preferred option)


We are proposing to establish a new remission category that provides rates remission of up to 50% for one year to new businesses or new developments established within the past 12 months.
Council’s objective in establishing this remission category is to promote employment and economic development within the District.
We are also proposing a new remission category that provides relief to properties that have been detrimentally affected by erosion, subsidence, submersion, earthquake or other calamities.
The objective of establishing this remission category is to assist ratepayers affected by events outside of their control and as the consequence of a natural calamity. Refer page 13.
Council should introduce the new categories for remission into the Rates Remission Policy.


Council is proposing to upgrade the Mokau toilets to more appropriately meet user needs in the 2018/19 financial year (first year of the Long Term Plan).
Council is proposing to invest in public toilet facility at Waitomo Village in 2019/20. However, this will be subject to land ownership being vested to Council for such a facility.
The estimated cost of the two facilities will require an investment of approximately $320,000 each. Refer page 14.
The options are:
OPTION 1 (PREFERRED OPTION) Council apply for external funding from Tourism Infrastructure Fund (TIF) to cover 50% of cost of facilities. If funding is obtained then proceed with upgrade at Mokau in 2018/19 & new toilets at Waitomo Village in 2019/20.
OPTION 2: Council should not proceed with providing the new and upgraded facilities even if the external funding is obtained.
Which option do you choose?

Council is of the view that the entire District benefits from adequate and environmentally sound Water and Wastewater services and these services should cost the same in each community. Refer pages 15-16.
The options are:
OPTION 1 - Council should implement the ‘same service same rate’ proposal phased in over four years (for water) and include 10% district benefit rate for all rating units across the district.
Under this option the water and sewerage assistance subsidies currently paid by all rating units in the district would be replaced with the district benefit allocation and the Piopio Wider Benefit Rating Area (PWBRA) sewerage rate would be removed.
OPTION 2: Council should stay with the current funding system
You pay for water and sewerage based on where you live and all rating units in the district pay an assistance rate for these services in smaller communities and PWBRA Sewerage rate remains
Which option do you choose?