Restricted Driver Licence Programme

The Waitomo and Otorohanga District Councils have joined forces to assist learner drivers in both districts to pass their restricted licence. 

Until recently, both District Councils have provided separate learner driver training programmes for 16 to 24-year olds in their districts through the government funded Community Driver Mentor Programme (CDMP) coordinated by the New Zealand Transport Agency, (NZTA).

The CDMP was aimed at giving disadvantaged young drivers the resources and range of driving experiences they needed to pass their restricted licence test and develop safer driving behaviours. The programme addressed the challenges that learner drivers in the 16 to 24–year age group often face such as access to a suitable vehicle and an experienced mentor to teach them safe driving habits.

The Waitomo and Otorohanga District Councils have combined local road safety budgets to fund a two-year programme similar to the previous CDMP and will target young drivers who already have their learner's licence and support them to obtain their restricted licence.

Waitomo and Otorohanga District Council's consider it important to combine resources for the best road safety outcomes and to enhance employment opportunities for young people for both our districts.

The new service level agreement will ensure that the programme is equally promoted in the Waitomo and Otorohanga Districts with every endeavour to support an equal split of student enrolments from the two districts.

For more information, and to register your interest in the Restricted Driver Licence Programme:


App: Waitomo Youth Guide

Collect a form from your school’s reception, Te Kuiti Community House, Otorohanga Support House or Wintec.

Alternatively, you can visit Number Twelve Youth Hub, 12 King Street East Te Kuiti 3910.

Phone: (07) 974 7531

Or Contact the Driving Programme on phone 028 4018 312

Restricted Driver Licence Programme