District Development

District Development includes:

  • District and Regional Promotion - District and Regional Promotion involves the promotion of our District to national and international markets.  This includes a strategic partnership with the Hamilton and Waikato Regional Tourism organisation. 
  • Economic Development - Economic Development involves the facilitation and support of district development to enhance the district’s economic sustainability. 
  • Coordination of District events- this is to enhance the social and cultural well being of the District as well as to provide economic benefits that events are known to bring.


District Economic Development Board

To assist with a more integrated strategic focus on sustainable delivery of economic development initiatives within Waitomo District, Council has agreed to the establishment of a District Economic Development Board (Board).

The establishment of the Board (as a separate entity independent of WDC) will serve to engage more business and community involvement in economic initiatives within the District. It is intended that the Board will take some independent form (such as an incorporated society) and will act collaboratively with existing community development groups such as Project Piopio Development Trust, Tere Waitomo, Te Kuiti Development Inc and Benneydale Business Group, and that representation will be drawn from each of these groups together with governance, industry and business representatives from around the district.

The intention of Council is for the Board to be established independently with a formal governance structure supported by a clear constitution and mandate. The establishment phase will involve the development of a thorough and detailed strategic plan. The strategic plan will outline how the Board intends to achieve the outcomes and deliverables, over time, as per their formal constitution.

Council had planned for the establishment of a District Economic Development Board (DEDB) in the 2013/14 year, to assist with the provision of economic development within the district. Through the EAP 2013/14, Council resolved to re-sequence the DEDB establishment to next financial year.  

In the period since the LTP 2012-22 was adopted, the Waikato Mayoral Forum has been making steady progress on its various work streams and recently there has been agreement to develop an economic development strategy for the Waikato region.

Council considers that in the interest of efficiency it would prudent to use the outcomes of this process to inform our own plans and therefore proposes to move out the DEDB establishment by a year. In the interim, Council will look at assessing the economic development needs and gaps within the District to inform what needs to be done and the delivery mechanism. 

District Development