Rural Fire

Monday, 04 December 2017

Restricted Fire Season 1 December 2017 to 11.59pm on 31 March 2018 - Permit Required.

Fire Risk for Waitomo and Otorohanga District Areas.

An inspection of the site may be required before a permit can be issued; therefore the application must be lodged at least five working days prior to the desired date for the fire.

Before lighting an open fire you should always consider the following issues:

  • Is a permit required? Click here to find out more about fire seasons and fire permits.
  • Are conditions suitable for lighting a fire? – A strong breeze can carry sparks for a considerable distance;
  • Is the intended fire adequately separated from other surrounding combustible materials? – Don’t think that only bone-dry ‘brown’ vegetation will burn;
  • Fires should never be left unattended – A change in wind direction or other unexpected behaviour can occur;
  • Fires should not be ignited or have a naked flame visible during the hours of darkness;
  • Do I have sufficient access for fire fighting vehicles? - Ensure that access tracks are maintained for both high vegetation and metalling so that a fire appliance can quickly get to a fire.

Residents are also urged to maintain their occupied (or unoccupied) section to reduce the combustible material, therefore reducing the risk of fire travelling into or out of your property. 

To apply for a permit please phone WDC on 0800 932 4357.