Maintenance and Operational Work

There are many parks in the Waitomo district ranging from expansive sports fields such as Centennial Park to small neighbourhood parks and reserves like Ward Street (Te Kuiti) and Kara Park (Piopio).

Brook Park

Parks are maintained by the ISU to provide a tidy and accessible open space for recreational activities and physical development of children through use of playground equipment.

The sports fields are mown to ensure a good surface for soccer / sports activities.

Centennial Park

Maintenance and pruning is carried out for trees in parks, or branches that are overhanging a footpath or causing a visibility hazard.

Street tree and general planting will occur in the cooler months of April to September.

Mangaokewa Reserve

The ISU maintains designated reserves and walking tracks throughout the district, with a focus on:

  • Noxious weed control. Pest plants and insects are controlled by chemical spraying.
  • Maintenance of tracks, footbridges, fences, walls, gates.
  • Installation and maintenance of signs and park furniture i.e seats and barbeques.

You can report vandalism or damaged property to our Customer Services Team here.