Brook Park - Motakiora

Waitomo District Council is required under the Reserves Act 1977, to manage and administer Brook Park in accordance with the Act.

Brook Park is one of the most significant reserves within the district and provides a leisure reserve for resident and visitors as well as protects the community's heritage.

The Park is situated on the north western boundary of the Te Kuiti township. The many exotic trees form an umbrella over the hillside, creating an Autumn display of colour and an attractive entrance to Te Kuiti.

Entry to the Park is free, with car parking spaces available at the Te Kumi Road entrance to the Park.

Public toilet facilities are provided adjacent to the Somerville Memorial as well as barbeques and picnic tables.

Picnic Area

The Park is mostly of a moderate to steep slope, with some areas of gum and pine plantations and small pockets of native bush. There is a system of marked walking tracks allowing short easy walks, to moderately long and strenuous walks.

Dogs are permitted to be walked on lead in Brook Park, except during lambing season.

Brook Park - Motakiora

Located on the northwestern high point of Brook Park - Motakiora, is the site of what was the fortified Maori Pa known as Motakiora (known locally as Ben Lomond).

It was constructed probably sometime in the 17th century by Rora, a son of Maniapoto. Today, Motakiora stands like a sentinel over the "gateway" to Te Kuiti.

Click here to read more about this history of Motakiora.

View from the summit

Friends of Brook Park

Waitomo District Council adopted a Brook Park Management Plan in 2010, which provides for the administration and development of the reserve through the establishment of a “Friends of Brook Park” group. This group is called the Brook Park Incorporated Society and consists of local residents who work together to identify projects from the management plan and develop them over time, raising funds where necessary to support this work.

If you would like to find out more about the Brook Park Incorporated Society, contact Councillor Guy Whitaker.

Natural Features


A significant and notable feature of Brook Park - Motakiora, is its collection of tree species. There is a wide range of trees present both exotic and native.


The Park contains three woodlots, pine, gum and black walnut.

Blackman Conifer Collection

In recent years the tree collection has been augmented by the Barry Blackman collection of conifers. Mr Blackman donated his collection of approximately 300 plants, which were transplanted from his property and from Redwood Park in Te Kuiti, to Brook Park - Motakiora in the autumn of 2007.

Conifer collection

Brook Park Geology

Information about the landscape and geology of the wider Te Kuiti district is given in the signs atop Motakiora, with further details available by clicking here. (PDF, 1.94 Mb)


The bush areas and different tree species in Brook Park creates an ideal environment for birds. Some of the birds which may be seen within the Park includes:

New Zealand Fantail

New Zealand Fantail pīwakawaka



Kereru Wood Pigeon

Kereru (Wood pigeon)



Eastern Rosella

Eastern Rosella

Australian Spur Winged Plover

Australian Spur Winged Plover

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Located on the northwestern high point of the reserve is the site of what was the  fortified Maori Pa known as Motakiora1...