Railway Station Buildings Revitalisation Project


Council’s vision is to restore the three Railway Station Buildings and the surrounds in order to create a vibrant hub in the centre of Te Kuiti, for the community.

Council considers that the creation of such a central hub will promote the culture and history of the community and instil a sense of pride for the township and District as a whole. 


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Proposed Artists Impression Railway building revitalisation project


The Railway station buildings located on Rora Street Te Kuiti are historically significant and hold a category B heritage status.

The buildings have sat vacant for many years and were poorly maintained while tenanted.

Council recognised the importance and value of the railway heritage for Te Kuiti. Given the prominence of the buildings (which are located on the main street of e Te Kuiti), Waitomo District Council undertook to secure these buildings, including a long-term lease of the land on which they are sited, from KiwiRail in 2012.

Due to the historical significance of thebuildings KiwiRail would only consider the transfer of ownership of the Railway Buildings to a local government organisation. A condition of transfer of ownership was that any future development should be in the interest of the community and the historic nature and significance of the buildings should be protected in the long term. 

WDC has purchased the three Railway Buildings on Rora Street in Te Kuiti from KiwiRail.

The main railway station building prior to restoration work

The way forward

Due to affordability considerations the restoration project was scheduled over a 2-5 year term. WDC applied for and was successful in obtaining external funding for the external restoration portion of the project.

The scope of the project is to carry out structural and restoration works (both internal and external) on the three buildings, make them fit for use and then tenant them out.

The project as a whole has been divided into five distinct projects:

Project 1:  Building Restoration Renewal which involves the restoration of the external features of the three railway buildings and the storeroom. 

Project 2:  Plaza Renewal is scheduled for the period 2015-2018 although some works will be required to occur sooner where they are associated with other projects.

Project 3:  Roading Renewal on Rora Street adjacent to the railway buildings.

Project 4:  Community Space Revitalisation relates to the utilisation of buildings 1 & 3.

Project 5:  Commercial Space Revitalisation which relates to the main building (2). 

The intended outcomes of the Railway Revitalisation project are:

  1. To re-invigorate and showcase the Railway heritage of Te Kuiti township.
  2. To create a vibrant central hub in Te Kuiti for the benefit of the community.
  3. To contribute to the economic and social development of the Waitomo District through the creation of an attractive Te Kuiti town hub. 

Whist this may appear to be a straight forward process, there are many complex steps involved to ensure that this project is successful including; development of the design concept, seeking community input, obtaining external funding, tendering and then contracting out the physical works and seeking tenants for the buildings.

The project is coordinated and managed by Community Services Group Manager John De Luca.

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