Project 1 - Building Restoration Renewal

This stage of the overall project is now complete with the external restoration work finished for all three railway station buildings.

Railway station building

About project 1

Work commenced on Monday 7 July 2014, on Project 1 “Building Restoration / Renewal” which involves the external restoration and structural strengthening on these three iconic buildings.

This is one of several projects focussed on creating a central “hub” within Te Kuiti Township.

Getting to this stage has been a long process, resulting in some delays to WDC’s original programme. Key processes included getting approval from KiwiRail and Historic places Trust and providing a practical solution to strengthening of the existing chimneys.

Key features of the restoration and renewal includes foundation works, strengthening of the brick chimneys, canopy and brick walls, reproofing, repairs to the external cladding to the buildings / windows and painting of the complex.

This initial project has been made possible by WDC receiving a grant of over $500,000 from the Lotteries Grants Board.

Re build of chimney building two

March 2015_New copy skylights



Canopy along railway side of buildings 1 and 2

Work outstanding from the original contract includes repairs to the floors (well underway), re-building of the chimney and completion of the exterior painting.

Photo: November 2014 - Work underway includes repairs to the floors, re-building of the chimney and completion of the exterior painting.

Bearer pile replacement on Building 1

Photo: Bearers and pile replacement - Building 1.

Chimney building 1 - structural strengthening

Photo: Structural strengthening of chimney - building 1.

Internal bearer strengthening - building 1

Photo: Internal bearer strengthening - building 1.

Window refurbishment building 2 new frame, sill and runners

Photo: Window refurbishment building 2. New frame, sill and runners.


Photos of buildings prior to commencement of project:

View of building from platform

View of building doorway

View of building windows