Project 4 - Community Space Revitalisation

The revitalisation of Building 3 is now complete. The community space is being utilised by Wintec.

Building three community space

Internal refurbishment building three

Internal refurbishment building three

Photos of building, prior to and during revitalisation and strengthening work:

Rear view of brick building three

New framing for structural strengthening

About project 4

This project involves the progressive revitalisation of the internal spaces of Building 1 (the north most of the three Buildings) and Building 3 for use as a community space.

While WDC received several expressions of interest for the use of the Community Space, no decisions on how this space will be utilised has been made. Internal refurbishment to these buildings will largely follow the existing layout. Documentation relating to the internal refurbishment of Building 1 is currently being prepared.

Facilities available:

Building 1 currently comprises of three rooms, one toilet and a small kitchen area. This layout can be renovated to accommodate the tenant(s) needs’.  The intention will be to provide maximum benefit to the community.
  • Approximately 148sq meters
  • Unfurnished
  • No other fixtures and fittings
  • Small area with plumbing - currently used as a kitchen
  • Shared access
  • Three access doors to the plaza


It is envisaged that this community space will be utilised by one, two or several users and that internal layout modifications will be required by individual users. 

Building 1 

Building 1 community space

Photo: November 2014 - The project’s architect is currently preparing the drawings for the planned linkage between the Visitor information centre and building 1. Council has applied for funding to further develop the community space in this building.