Motorhome Facility and Holiday Park

The development of the motorhome facility at Brook Park in Te Kuiti is now underway. The facility will provide 10 parking spaces within a secure site for campers to park and sleep in safety. Visitors will be able to book and pay online through the KiwiCash App for a site, with access to toilets, showers, laundry, cooking amenities, and a small recycling centre.

Council signalled the development of a Holiday Park in its 2015-25 LTP subject to further investigation.  

In the strategic considerations discussions as part of the development of the draft Exceptions Annual Plan 2017/2018, Council confirmed it wished to pursue the proposal, subject to development of a business case.

A Feasibility Study was carried out during 2016 to assess the concept proposal, and also the level of demand for a proposed camping facility in Te Kuiti to serve the northern Waitomo District.  This study demonstrated that at the time there was likely to be sufficient demand for Council to proceed with discussions around establishing a facility at Brook Park, Te Kuiti.

Since then, the Government announced that funding was available to address issues related to growth in tourism and in particular to mitigate the costs of freedom camping on communities. WDC made a funding application to Ministry Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) for a cooking and ablution block facility for the proposed motorhome facility development at Brook Park, Te Kuiti and was successful in obtaining a grant of $200,000. This is a significant win for WDC.

The development of the site had to be fast-tracked into a fully operational facility for the 2018/19 peak tourist season, as a condition of the grant. A dump station was incorporated in the build in order to be recognised as a Motorhome friendly district. The NZ Motorhome Association (NZMCA) supports the development and has provided a grant of $7,220 to fund a new dump station.

This motorhome facility will be completed mid-December 2018 and is intended to be the first stage of a wider ‘Holiday Park’ development. Details of the wider ‘Holiday Park’ and what that will include, will be worked through and discussed at a later stage.

Council aims to provide a better experience for visitors to our district and to manage the growing demands that tourist activity has on our core infrastructure and environment.  The visitor industry is a significant contributor to the local economy and providing a quality motorhome facility will attract visitors to our District.

For more information please contact Waitomo District Council on 0800 932 4357, or send us an email

Site Plan of Motorhome facility

Motorhome Facility and Holiday Park