Waitomo District: Coastal Hazards Study

Waitomo District Council is presently undertaking a coastal hazards study to:

  • Identify the coastal areas that could be impacted by coastal erosion and flooding over the next 100 years
  • Identify the best means to appropriately manage these hazard risk areas

Council is required to undertake this work by both national and regional policy.

The first stage of the work will involve assessing the areas that could be affected. The second stage will address management recommendations.

We’d like your help. Your knowledge and views are important to getting the best outcomes for you and for the District: 

In particular, we’d like any information you have on coastal erosion and flooding in your area, including:

  • Shoreline changes over the last 50-100 years
  • Has your property or the local coast been affected by erosion or flooding? 
  • Any old photos, early descriptions, old maps, etc
  • Any information on past coastal storms and their impacts (e.g. photos or observations, erosion damage, sea flooding, etc)
  • People or groups who may have useful information (e.g. long-term residents, local historians, etc)

You can forward the information to us by:

  • Email   Cathy.O'Callaghan@waitomo.govt.nz.
  • Post to Waitomo District Council, PO Box 404, Te Kuiti 3941 “Attention Cathy O’Callaghan”
  • Phone: Cathy O’Callaghan on 0800 932 4357

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Waitomo District: Coastal Hazards Study