Piopio Town Concept Plan

What is a Town Concept Plan?

A Town Concept Plan is a method of planning which helps to identify the issues, features and opportunities available in our townships. They support the District Plan by providing important information about community aspirations and by identifying matters we should address through our rules. Town Concept Plans are also useful for directing and promoting economic growth, as they provide a vision for future development.

How does the draft Piopio Town Concept Plan work?

WDC has collected the community feedback and now we would like to share the draft plan to make sure what we have identified properly reflects community aspirations, and most importantly, is practical to implement. This means we will also need to understand how and if we can fund these projects once the document is finalised, and that might mean making applications for funding from other sources.

This is the draft Piopio Town Concept Plan:

(PDF, 4.5 Mb)

This draft plan outlines four Key Moves for Piopio. These key moves were identified by the community as being important to support future development and growth in Piopio. All of the key moves are equally important:

  • Build on the visitor experience and encourage people to stop and discover Piopio.
  • Reinforce a sense of place.
  • Build a resilient local economy.
  • Improve safety and ease of access in and around the town centre.


Using these key moves as themes, we took the community’s ideas and developed them into actions and plans to create a MAP. The diagram below shows how this is structured and the draft Town Concept Plan document provides details about how the MAP might be prioritised and implemented.

How can I provide feedback?

If you would like to comment on the draft Piopio Town Concept Plan, you can provide your feedback here.

You can see a hard copy of the plan at the Fat Pigeon Cafe and the Night Owl Restaurant.

In February we will be holding an open day so that you can talk with us about the draft Town Concept Plan. We’ll remind you closer to the time. Staff will be available on:

  • Friday 22 February 2019 at the Senior Citizens Hall between 12 midday and 3pm.

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