Managing growth and development in Te Kuiti

Tell us about what we need to do to strengthen and grow Te Kuiti.


Why is it important to plan ahead for Te Kuiti?

The District Plan is important for place making and place shaping. This is all about what we want our townships to look and feel like; what is our identity and our culture? What changes do we need to make to improve our wider environment? And what do we need to manage and protect for the future?

Council believes that shaping our communities is the most important part of the District Plan. After all, this is where most of us live, work and shop. Because there are not many of us in Waitomo, it means that our townships are crucial to the success of our District. It is very important that we set aside space for the best infrastructure, facilities and reserves that we can afford. It’s also very important that there are opportunities for industries to operate and expand, for tourism to be encouraged, for residential areas to be attractive and safe, and for our commercial areas to be vibrant and busy.

What is a Town Concept Plan?

A Town Concept Plan is a method of planning which helps to identify the issues, features and opportunities available in our townships. We use these to look at what key moves can be made to enhance the character and connectivity within a town and to identify outcomes agreed by the community. Town Concept Plans also support the District Plan by providing important information about community aspirations and by identifying issues we should address through our rules.  The Te Kuiti Town Concept Plan will also include some economic analysis so that we can work out if we have enough land set aside for residential, commercial and industrial areas. In addition to being helpful for the District Plan process, Town Concept Plans are a useful basis for directing and promoting economic growth, as they provide a vision for future development.

What work have you done so far?

We think it’s really important to undertake some preliminary work so that people can have focused discussions. We have used experts from Beca to help us draft a framework for the community to comment on. This is a far more cost effective way to get good feedback than a “blank page” approach. So the experts have told us what they think (below), now we need the community’s input:

Te Kuiti Town Concept Planning. (PDF, 7.73 Mb)

  • What are the features, issues and opportunities in Te Kuiti?
  • What should our key moves be?
  • What outcomes do we want for our township? 


How do we provide input into this process?

Before we start writing the rules, we think it’s vital to talk to you about what matters most.

In December, we focused on Te Kuiti’s commercial area. We invited Te Kuiti residents to come and see us at two open days to help make decisions about the town’s future. We would like to say a huge thank you to the Te Kuiti community who turned out in great numbers to support these open days.

The community agreed that the town centre needed consolidation and strengthening and that the gateway entrances needed to be more vibrant and representative of the community. The document above will now be amended to incorporate all of this feedback and then shared for your further comments.

The community also used the opportunity to discuss wider issues that were not strictly related to the District Plan. These issues are being dealt with separately from the District Plan Review process.

Waitomo District Council would like to thank Jennifer and Elvis Lim for lending us a premises in Te Kuiti for the open days, and New World Supermarket Te Kuiti for generously donating the Christmas cakes.

What if I couldn't attend the open days?

That’s ok – this is only the first draft of the documents. If you would like to comment on the ideas our experts have, you can read the document above and provide your feedback here.

You can also connect with us on:

Facebook: @waitomodistrictplanreview
Twitter: @WaitomoDC
Instagram: waitomo_nz





In February we will provide a summary of the feedback and ideas we received – you will be invited to comment on that and on the revised planning documents too!

There will be more opportunities to formally submit and comment on these documents as well.

Managing growth and development in Te Kuiti