Mokau Rocks

How should we manage the development of this cool seaside village?


Why is it important to plan ahead for Mokau?

We suspect that Mokau is going to experience some growth. We think it is very important to manage this growth so that the look and feel of Mokau is enhanced, and any new development is appropriate for the township. The District Plan is the vehicle for managing growth and for place making and place shaping. This is all about what we want our townships to look and feel like; what is our identity and our culture? What changes do we need to make to improve our wider environment? And what do we need to manage and protect for the future?

Council would like to work with the community to embrace the laid back, seaside vibe of this beautiful part of our District. We think that we should be looking at connectivity and resilience for the people of Mokau. This means that the District Plan might provide for better access in some areas, look at managing parking or providing for more opportunities to establish a business. We also need to think about how we manage things like coastal erosion and climate change so that the community can successfully navigate these issues.   

What is a Structure Plan?

A Structure Plan is used in areas where we expect growth to happen. It helps us to identify where that growth should be located and how we can service it. It also establishes what we would like our towns to look and feel like. Structure Plans generally have more emphasis on new development and infrastructure requirements than Town Concept Plans. In Mokau we will also be looking at resilience and how we can manage the impacts of our changing coastline. You can read more about coastal hazards and coastal flooding here. 

What work have you done so far?

We think it’s really important to undertake some preliminary work so that people can have focused discussions. We have used experts from Beca to help us draft a framework for the community to comment on. This is a far more cost effective way to get good feedback than a “blank page” approach. So the experts have told us what they think (below), now we need the community’s input:


  • What are the features, issues and opportunities in Mokau?
  • What should our key moves be?
  • What outcomes do we want for our township?


How do we provide input into this process?

Before we start writing the rules, we think it’s vital to talk to you about what matters most. Council will be inviting Mokau residents, bach owners and holiday makers to join us for an ice block and some summer fun at the Mokau Community Hall. The hall is located opposite the Mokau Museum and Gallery on State Highway 3. We need your help – to tell us what you like, don’t like and opportunities for change. You’re welcome anytime on:

  • Thursday 4 January midday-4pm and 6pm-8pm
  • Friday 5 January 11am-4pm

There will be an opportunity to participate in all sorts of activities to help us identify possible “key future moves” for the township. We have some ideas – but yours might be better so please come and join us and help us to determine the future of Mokau.

Mokau Rocks