Why is it important to plan ahead for Piopio? | Waitomo District Council

Why is it important to plan ahead for Piopio?

Council believes that place making and place shaping our communities is crucial to the success of our District, because our townships are where most of us live, work and shop. They act as an anchor, providing the goods and services we need and connecting us to one another.

The residents of Piopio have already contributed a great deal of thought and hard work into considering and shaping how they would like their town to look and feel. Council would like to reinforce these achievements through the Piopio Town Concept Plan.

The Town Concept Plan can be used to cement Piopio’s identity and to consider what changes we need to make to improve the wider environment. We can also look at what things we need to manage and protect for the future.

Council believes that it is very important to set aside space for the best infrastructure, facilities and reserves that we can afford. It’s also very important that there are opportunities for industries to operate and expand, for tourism to be encouraged, for residential areas to be attractive and safe, and for our commercial areas to be vibrant and busy.

Why is it important to plan ahead for Piopio?