What is “Significant”?

Regional Councils provide the direction on what is considered to be significant vegetation within their region. District Plans are required to give effect to these documents.

The land within the Waitomo District is split between two Regional Councils (the red line on the map below).  Most of the District is located in the Waikato Region, with a small area in the south eastern part of the District in the Manawatu-Wanganui Region.  

In the Waikato Region, the Regional Policy Statement (WRPS) requires District Plans to protect Significant Natural Areas (Policy 11.2 and Method 11.2.2).  The WRPS provides criteria that are to be used in determining significance. 

The Manawatu-Wanganui Region area of the District is different.  In the Horizons Regional Council ‘One Plan’ it clearly states that it is the Regional Council’s function to provide for the protection of Significant Natural Areas.  For this reason, Significant Natural Areas will not be identified by Waitomo District Council in this area.  If you are located within this part of the District and want to know more, you need to ring Horizons Regional Council on 0508 800 800.