Where we are in the process

The development and informal consultation part of the District Plan review will be undertaken in three stages:​

The District Plan Review consultation Stage 1

Stage 1 

At the moment we are focusing our efforts on gathering information to identify our key land use issues and talking with central and regional government about the major topics our District Plan must cover.  

Some of the things we are thinking about are the identification and management of natural hazards, how we will protect our critically important and significant areas of indigenous biodiversity, and how we will provide for different landscapes in our district.

We are also undertaking some focused work in some of our townships. Please have a look at the District Plan issues page for more information on Te Kuiti and Mokau.

Upcoming Projects

  • Waitomo Village – in 2018 we will begin some work to build on the Structure Plan document that the community undertook. We will be looking at implementation through the District Plan to integrate all of the exciting things that are happening there.
  • Benneydale - we recognise that this township is an important gateway to Pureora and the Timber Trail. We will be talking with the community about how the District Plan can help facilitate and support this.
  • Piopio – this township is a place with special character and we are looking forward to working with the community there to develop and implement a town concept plan to strengthen all of the hard work that has already been done.


 The District Plan Review consultation Stage 2

Stage 2

Once the identification of the key issues has occurred, we will work with our experts to help share our findings with you. We will ask for your input into all sorts of things – from uses in the rural zone to development of papakaainga housing and management of industrial sites. We will use stakeholder groups, hui, open days and workshops, as well as this website, to share information. 


The District Plan Review consultation Stage 3

Stage 3

Once we have collected all of the feedback and we have analysed the policies and rules to make sure that they are effective and efficient, we will prepare the “Proposed Waitomo District Plan”. 

This document will go to the Council for their consideration and when they are satisfied that the formal process can begin, we’ll ask the public for your written submissions.​
Where we are in the process