Where we are in the process

The development and informal consultation part of the District Plan review will be undertaken in three stages:​

The District Plan Review consultation Stage 1

Stage 1 

At the moment we are focusing our efforts on gathering information. We have been talking with central and regional government about the major topics our District Plan must cover. We are also having initial conversations with community groups, mana whenua, landowners, interest groups and some industry groups. Their feedback is helping us to identify significant land use issues. 

Some of the things we are thinking about are the identification and management of natural hazards, how we will protect our critically important and significant areas of indigenous biodiversity, and how we will provide for different landscapes and special features in our district.

For the past year, we have been working on place making and place shaping for five of our communities. This has resulted in the creation of draft Town Concept Plans for Te Kuiti, Benneydale and Piopio. We have chosen to undertake Structure Plans for Waitomo Caves Village and Mokau. These draft documents will be available for community feedback from 1st December 2018 until 1st of March 2019. Please visit the District Plan issues page for more information.

Upcoming Projects

Heritage buildings and structures - WDC is currently working with several local volunteer groups who are assisting us in identifying sites, structures and buildings that have heritage values. Once this information is collected, it will be assessed by heritage experts who will determine whether the item warrants formal protection, and if it does, what form this might take. You can read more about this project here.

Land stability - the Operative District Plan identifies areas that might be unstable or possibly prone to slipping. These are currently mapped as ‘Hazard Areas A or B’. We will be working with geotechnical experts to reassess the data and methodology that underlies these hazard areas and to make sure that the areas we propose to zone for urban purposes are properly assessed for their geotechnical suitability.

SNAs (Significant Natural Areas) – these are areas of indigenous forests, shrublands, wetlands and habitats of threatened flora and fauna.  SNAs are essential to maintain healthy populations of threatened flora and fauna. At the moment we are identifying where the SNAs are and what features and values make each area important. Currently a desktop study is being carried out, looking at aerial photographs and ecological data to assess the significance of each site.  You can read more about this project here.


 The District Plan Review consultation Stage 2


Stage 2


Over the next few months we will finish confirming the key issues and start to share our findings with you. This will start with the draft zoning for our townships.

From the 1st of December this year, residents of our towns and settlements will be able to see the draft zoning for their property online.

These maps do not represent final decisions, but rather are a starting point for conversations about what the appropriate zoning might be. The draft zoning maps can be accessed here (site work in progress). The webpage details how you can provide us with your feedback or contact us for enquiries.


The District Plan Review consultation Stage 3

Stage 3

Once we have collected all of the feedback and we have analysed the policies and rules to make sure that they are effective and efficient, we will prepare the “Proposed Waitomo District Plan”. 

This document will go to the Council for their consideration and when they are satisfied that the formal process can begin, we’ll ask the public for your written submissions.​
Where we are in the process