Shape Waitomo to your liking - consultation for the Long Term Plan 2018-2028

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Waitomo District councillors adopted the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan (LTP) consultation document, with submissions opening on Thursday 5 April and closing on Friday 4 May 2018.

An overview of our plans and key proposals for the LTP are set out in the Consultation Document (CD) for you to consider. This CD will be delivered to you as an insert in the Waitomo News on 5 April, and we would like to hear your feedback.

Rates revenue is proposed to increase by an average of 2.75 per cent per annum over the next ten years. An average rates rise of 2.97 per cent is proposed in the first year of the LTP.

Council Controlled Organisation Inframax Construction Limited have made excellent progress in returning to a profitable financial position. Forecast total dividend from ICL of almost $5 million over the ten years of the LTP. This dividend will be used to reduce debt and by doing so, reduce overall costs to the community. This is forecast to start from the 2019/20 year of the LTP.

Over the ten year period, public debt is forecast to reduce from a high of $50.7 million in 2021 to $29.8 million in 2028. This is a decrease of $20.9 million or 38%.

Council’s concerted effort to upgrade its infrastructure over the last ten years means that our assets and facilities are in great shape, and as a result, there are no material infrastructure issues facing Waitomo moving forward.

The next step on our journey towards a vibrant and thriving District is to focus on enhancing community development initiatives.

Mayor Brian Hanna said: “Council wants to focus on the livability of the District. Council is proposing the local establishment of an accredited Safe Community programme using the Safe Communities Model currently used by 31 Council’s and communities across New Zealand.”

“We value community partnerships between organisations, businesses, government agencies and community members and others with an interest and concern about our community. It is vital that we work together in a coordinated and collaborative way, to address our local needs and in doing so take our community forward.” Mayor Hanna said.

The key matters that Council is seeking feedback on are:

  • Pursuing a Safe Communities Accreditation to support the development of our communities.
  • Provide a maximum capital funding grant to the Game on Community Trust of $1.5 million.
  • Participate in, and become a member of the proposed Waikato Regional Economic Development Agency and the South Waikato economic initiative.
  • Apply for external funding from the Tourism Infrastructure Fund to cover 50% of the cost of upgrading the public toilets in Mokau, and invest in a new public toilet facility for Waitomo Village should (subject to land ownership being vested in Council).
  • Implement (over a period of four years) a ‘same service, same rate’ for all properties connected to water and/or sewerage services, and include a 10% district benefit rate for all rating units across the district.

Waitomo residents are invited to provide feedback on Council’s plans for the next ten years.

The CD and Supporting Information will be published on our website next Thursday.

Shape Waitomo to your liking - consultation for the Long Term Plan 2018-2028