Te Kuiti Campground to be closed

Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Te Kuiti Campground is operated on Esplanade Reserve land located in Te Kuiti and is owned by Waitomo District Council.  

The existing Campground facility is operated under lease to a private operator. The lease authorises the land to be used for overnight and short-term visitor accommodation in the form of cabins, campervan and tent sites.

Council has decided to close the Te Kuiti Campground at the current site. It is challenging to offer short-term visitor accommodation to the required and appropriate standard given the existing location, the scale of the site and the condition of the existing infrastructure.

The Te Kuiti Campground will close from 31 August 2017.

WDC’s Economic Development Strategy focusses on the importance of providing appropriate infrastructure to accommodate and service visitors to the District.

The potential for the development of a campground facility to serve visitor needs for Te Kuiti will be developed and discussed with the Waitomo District community through the upcoming 2018-2028 Draft Long Term Plan process.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What is Waitomo District Council's role in providing a campground facility in Te Kuiti?

A: WDC  provides a campground for the purpose of providing overnight and short-term visitor accommodation option to the travelling public in the form of cabins, campervan and tent sites. The District ratepayer funds the cost of providing a campground facility in Te Kuiti. 

Q: What role does Waitomo District Council play in providing affordable accommodation for people living in Te Kuiti?

A: Waitomo District Council has no role in providing a low cost housing service in Te Kuiti or in any other part of the Waitomo district. The provision of affordable social housing is a Central Government role funded by the Taxpayer and delivered through Housing New Zealand. Housing New Zealand Corporation is a Crown agent that provides housing services for New Zealanders in need. 

Q: Why has Council made the decision to close down the existing campground in Te Kuiti?

A:  Council has a clear view that the existing campground facility is not of an appropriate standard to provide an accommodation option to the travelling visitor. There are no water and wastewater services provided within the existing cabins, and the site location and footprint does not lend itself to further development. To operate successfully in the existing visitor environment a camping ground must offer a high level of service packaged in a size that allows it to be financially viable for the operator. 


Te Kuiti Campground to be closed