Update on roading projects

Thursday, 24 December 2015

What is happening on the Waitomo district roading network?

A large weather front that moved over the district in May this year brought with it good news for our farming community, but this was not the case for the Roading department.

With WDC responsible to maintain more than 1000km of roads, 48km of footpaths, 986 street lights, 164 bridges and 8,138 culverts in the Waitomo district, any damage caused by extreme weather fronts places additional stresses and risks on our network.

Our strategy is to maintain roads to a level that keeps providing the expected level of service.

The following information is intended to keep you informed about the current roading projects taking place across the district.

Kumara Road, Aria - Under Slip

Kumara Road Aria under slip

Kumara Road was severely impacted on by the extreme weather event this year which caused a substantial slip on the western side of the road. This slip is approximately 50 metres in length and extends across half of the existing carriageway (as shown in the photo above).

The slip has severed the entire right-hand lane and extended over the centre line to also include part of the left-hand lane. The drop as a result of this slip is approximately one metre in depth.

Waitomo District Council has engaged the services of a Geotechnical Engineer to determine the extent of the damage and also to make some recommendations and proposals to address the failure.

WDC is currently considering the options of how to best repair the section of road, taking into account the cost, practicality and best practice solutions.

Work on Kumara Road is intended to start in early 2016.

Kumara Road Aria under slip view from left hand

Taharoa Road, Te Anga - Under Slip

Taharoa Road under slip

Following a period of significant wet weather an under slip was noticed on Taharoa Road. The slip is located approximately 7.1km north of Te Anga.

The services of a Geotechnical engineer were sought to review the failure and prepare proposals for the best possible solution to address the slip.

An interim measure was put in place and WDC has arranged through the maintenance Contractor to top-up the running surface.

A range of options have been provided as possible solutions to reparing the under slip including improving drainage and water control, relay of the road by cutting into the adjacent farmland, or constructing an (Engineer designed) retaining wall.

Taharoa Road under slip road edge view

Annual re-seals programme

WDC undertakes a re-seals programme every year across the Waitomo district. The current programme is due to start in the early part of 2016. 

When confirming its roading programme, WDC identifies which roads in the Waitomo district need to be sealed and then the work is prioritised by order of necessity.

Note: the scope of the re-seals programme is separate from that outlined in the Council's annual maintenance programme.

Work is planned on the following sections of the WDC roading network:

Oparure Road from the State Highway 3 intersection direction, starting at approximately 4.4 km from State Highway 3 intersection with the turn-off to Mc Donald’s Lime Quarry (approximately 8.1 km).

Totoro Road from just past the one lane bridge at approximately 8.4 km to 11.3 km.

Our residents can expect to see Waitomo District Council's contractors on the network very early in the New Year to start the re-seals programme for the 2015/16 summer reseal season.