Totoro Road Pavement Rehabilitation

Tuesday, 01 August 2017

A 3km section of Totoro Road was assessed and prioritised for pavement rehabilitation work due to underlying issues that were made evident through potholes and depressions, and the roads sharp bends caused manoeuvrability issues for heavy vehicles. 

The scope of this work includes a re-designed and stronger pavement structure, improved alignment and drainage, and retreating into the embankment.  A new chip seal will be added later in the year when weather conditions are more suitable.

This work forms part of WDC’s annual Pavement Rehabilitation work programme and will provide the best long term results by addressing issues with the structural road layers underneath the seals.

Waitomo District has a total of 553.5km of sealed local roads and they require recurring sealing and pavement rehabilitation, depending on the road condition and the types and frequency of vehicles using them.

Totoro Road Pavement Rehabilitation July 2017

Totoro Road is located south of Piopio Village and is used as a bypass for State Highway 3.

Totoro Road Pavement Rehabilitation