Update on roading projects

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The following is a summary of the roads and footpath projects that have been recently completed across the Waitomo district.

Retaining Walls

A roading project to extend the existing retaining wall on Tawa Street is now complete. Work commenced in January this year to stabilise the road and to construct a retaining wall, to make the road more resilient to slips and subsidence.

Tawa Street Retaining wall

Work commenced in March this year, to stabilise Mangarino Road and to construct a retaining wall, to make the road more resilient to slips and subsidence.

The retaining wall, road sealing and guard rail are now complete with road marking to be undertaken in the near future.

Retaining wall Mangarino Road

Guard Rail along road edge

Pavement Rehabilitation

Our Contractors recently completed pavement rehabilitation work on Totoro Rd, Aria Rd and Kopaki Rd. Line marking will be completed shortly (weather permitting).

Rural road rehabilitation

Footpath repairs

Sections of footpath on Colin Brook Place and Lawrence Street Te Kuiti, have recently been repaired.

Footpath section repaired on Colin Brook PLace

Footpath repair on Lawrence Street

Other Road Works

Unsealed road works have commenced for a number of prioritised roads. Work involves removing the top layer, grading the surface, spreading a new layer of material and shaping/ rolling to create a smooth surface.

WDC are working on a prioritised roadside vegetation programme to deal with higher risk areas where vegetation poses a visibility hazard.

Repairs have been made to a number of identified bridges across the district, that showed signs of erosion.

Bridge 221 Repairs

During winter we receive a number of service requests regarding pot holes and slips on rural roads across the district.

The occurrence of these issues peaks when there is significant rainfall and storm events. On sealed roads, potholing of the road surface can take place when the top bitumen layer is cracked or damaged - allowing water to seep down into the road.

If you have a concern about a roading issue or slip, please phone us immediately on 0800 932 4357.