Proposed Resource Management fees

Read our Statement of Proposal (PDF, 369 Kb) which includes some more information including the specific fees and charges that Council is proposing and a submission form. Hard copies are available from the Waitomo District Library, the Te Kuiti i-SITE, or at Main reception Queen Street, Te Kuiti.

Proposed Resource Management fees

To be read in conjunction with the explanatory note for Resource Management fees and charges, found below.


Proposed 2017/18 fee or charge ($)


Pre application

Pre application meeting

Actual staff time

Lodgement meeting

To lodge any consent

Actual staff time

Pre-hearing meeting

For any meeting or mediation held (s99)

Actual staff time

Joint subdivision and landuse

For any joint subdivision and landuse consent application

Deposit 4,500 .00

Limited notified consent

Any resource consent that requires limited notification

Deposit 6,500 .00

Notified consent

Any resource consent that requires public notification

Deposit 10,000 .00

Land use consents

Non notified

All land use consents, except as otherwise provided below

Deposit 1,000 .00

Non notified

Boundary dispensation (side yard only)

Deposit 600.00

Subdivision consents

Non notified

creating 9 lots or less where no road/reserves proposed

 Deposit 2,500.00

Non notified

creating 10 lots or more, or any subdivision where a road/reserve is proposed

Deposit 3,500.00

Subdivision processes (post approval)

Section 223 certification



Section 224C certification



Section 241

Cancellation/partial cancellation of amalgamation condition

Fixed 450.00

Section 221

Consent notice - preparation, authorisation, change or cancellation

Fixed 250.00

Cross lease

Amendments to flats plans

Deposit 600.00


For inspections of any works for conditions, including checking engineering plans and any amendments

Actual staff time

Other resource management activities

Section 127

Application to change or cancel condition(s) of consent (non-notified only, notified consents will be charged the relevant notification fee)

Deposit 1,000.00

Section 125/126

Applications for extensions of consent periods

Deposit 600.00

Section 124

Exercise of resource consent while applying for new consent

Deposit 1,500.00

Section 128-132

Review of consent conditions (non-notified only, notified consents will be charged the relevant notification fee)

Deposit 800.00

Section 134

Transfer of holders interest in a consent (fixed fee)

Deposit 150.00

Section 139A

Existing use right determination

Deposit 2,000.00

Section 138

Application to surrender a resource consent

Deposit 500.00

Section 139

Application for Certificate of Compliance

Deposit 1,000.00

Section 357

Objection pursuant to sections 357(A) or (B)

Deposit 450.00


Confirmation of compliance with National Environmental Standard

Actual staff time


Any application pursuant to the RMA not listed elsewhere

Deposit 1,500.00


Public or limited notified

Notice of Requirement for Designation

Deposit 10,000.00


Notice of Requirement for Designation

Deposit 5,000.00

Sections 181, 182

Requirement for alteration or removal/partial removal of designation

Deposit 1,500.00

Section 184/184A

Application to determine designation lapsing

Deposit 2,500.00

Section 180

Transfer of rights and responsibilities for designations

Deposit 1,500.00

Sections 177, 178

Request to the requiring authority responsible for an earlier designation.

Application to do anything which would prevent or hinder the public work or project

Deposit 600.00

Section 176

Application for outline plan

Deposit 650.00

Section 176A(2)

Waiver of requirement for outline plan

Deposit 150.00

Heritage orders

Sections 189/189A, 196, 177

Requirement for a heritage order.

Requirement for removal of heritage order.

Request to requiring authority responsible for the earlier heritage order.

Deposit 1,500.00

Plan Change application (to amend the District Plan)

1st schedule

Processing, considering and determining a private plan change application.

Deposit 30,000.00

Compliance and monitoring


Administration, review, correspondence.

Actual staff time

Inspections (excluding engineering)

To monitor progress with giving effect to any resource consent, and compliance with consent conditions.

150 per inspection


For any inspection required.

Actual staff time

Miscellaneous charges

Legal instruments

Search for easement documents, covenants, encumbrances, or any other document registered on Certificates of Title.

Actual staff time + LINZ costs

Affixing council's seal/authorising document

For administrative costs incurred in affixing council's seal and/or signature to any document where a charge is not otherwise listed.

Fixed 170.00


Variation or cancellation of any legal document/instrument not otherwise listed.

Fixed 450.00

Public notice

Costs associated with public notices.

Actual staff time + advertisement fees


Affixing signs on site.

Fixed 35 per sign

Delegated approvals

Staff decision on application, acting under delegated authority.

Actual staff time

Bonds – excluding engineering

Preparation, release and signing of any bond (excluding engineering).

Fixed 300.00

Bonds - engineering

Preparation, release and signing of any bond - engineering (roading and servicing works).

Fixed 400.00


The applicant will reimburse council for any fees paid by council to any consultants.

Actual consultant costs + actual costs

Noise control

For the return of equipment seized under the RMA.

Fixed 180.00



A charge will be made for the costs of all staff and/or consultants required to attend a hearing.

Actual staff/ consultant time

Hearing by commissioner

Where independent commissioners preside.

Actual costs

Hearing by Council

A charge will be made per councillor, including time spent on site visits.

260 + 204 for each

1/2 hour or part


Postponement/withdrawal or cancellation

If the applicant fails to give a minimum of 5 working days written notice of a request for cancellation, withdrawal or postponement of a scheduled hearing.

Actual costs


Hiring a venue for the hearing

Actual costs

Request for information/supply of resource management documents

Providing general advice 

Providing advice and considering proposed applications.

Actual staff time

Providing information

Any request to provide information in respect of the District Plan or any consent.

Actual staff time

Providing copies

Copying information relating to consents and Council's functions under section 35 of RMA and the supply of any document.

Actual staff time + photocopying costs

Waitomo District Plan

Full printed copy of text and planning maps.

150.00 per copy

Photocopying – charged as per Council’s corporate rate

Officer’s hourly charge out rates

Waitomo District Council staff member


180.00 per hour



Actual costs


For each kilometre travelled


1.20 per km

Hazardous Activities and Industries List (HAIL) determinations

Investigation fee


Fixed 80.00

Resource Management – explanatory note

Resource management fees and charges – explanatory note

These fees and charges become operative on 1 July 2017 and will apply for all work carried out and decisions issued on or after 1 July 2017, irrespective of when the application was lodged with the Council.

Fixed charges

1. The charges set out in this schedule are charges which are fixed pursuant to Section 36 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).

All such charges are stated inclusive of GST at 15%, however should the GST rate be amended, GST will be charged at the prevailing rate.

2. All fixed charges are payable in full in advance. Pursuant to Section 36(7) of the RMA, the Council will not perform the action or commence processing the application to which the charge relates until it has been so paid.

Note: Documentation or certificates will not be issued until payment of charges have been cleared.

Additional charges

Where a fixed charge is in any particular case inadequate to enable the Council to recover its actual and reasonable costs in respect of the matter concerned, the Council will require the applicant to pay an additional charge to the Council.

The following may also be included as additional charges:

a)   If it is necessary for the services of a consultant to be engaged by the Council (including their attendance at any hearing or meeting) then the consultant’s fees will be charged in full to the applicant as an additional charge;

b)  If any legal fees are incurred by the Council in relation to legal advice obtained for any particular application, including any fees incurred if Council’s solicitor is required to be present at any hearing, mediations or meetings, these fees will be charged in full to the applicant as an additional charge;

c)   If any Commissioner hearing fees and associated costs are incurred in considering and determining any particular application, these fees will be charged in full to the applicant as an additional charge.


The purpose of each fixed charge and any additional charge is to recover the actual and reasonable costs incurred by the Council in receiving and processing applications and in issuing decisions and monitoring performance of conditions.

Charge-out rates for council officers and mileage

Charge out rates for Council officers are set out in this schedule and:

a)  Are fixed charges;

b)  If reference is made in the schedule to actual staff time, it will be charged in accordance with the relevant hourly charge-out rates;

c)  The charge-out rates for Council officers and for mileage will apply to all matters listed in the Schedule so that:

  • if the fixed charge which has been paid in advance is greater by more than $20.00 than the actual and reasonable costs incurred by the Council relating to that application, a refund will be given when those costs are finally assessed; and
  • if the actual and reasonable costs incurred by the Council relating to that application are inadequate to enable the Council to recover its actual and reasonable costs then additional charges calculated for staff time at the same rate will be payable (as well as any other items of additional charge which may have been incurred).

Additional fixed fees

At any time after the receipt of an application and before a decision has been made the Council may fix a fee pursuant to Section 36(1) of the RMA which is in excess of the fixed charge set out in this schedule.

In that event:

a)   The Council may require that no further action will be taken in connection with the application until that fixed fee is paid in accordance with Section 36(7) of the RMA; and

b)  May also, pursuant to Section 36(3) of the RMA make additional charges.

Remission of fees

Staff with delegated authority may decide to reduce any charges following the criteria of Section 36(4)(b) of the RMA.