Rates Instalments

Rates are set and charged annually at 1 July every year and are invoiced in four (4) instalments with the due dates for payment being: 

Instalment Due Date Period Covered
Friday 31 August 2018
1 Jul 2018 to 30 Sep 2018
2 Friday 30 November 2018 1 Oct 2018 to 31 Dec 2018
Thursday 28 February 2019
1 Jan 2019 to 31 Mar 2019
4 Friday 31 May 2019 1 Apr 2019 to 30 June 2019

Rates payments will be attached to the oldest debt first.

There are several ways you can pay your rates:

  • EASY PAY: Direct Debit - the quick, easy and efficient way to pay your rates.
  • Pay by Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS, Credit Card or Post Dated Cheque (to be presentable by the due date) at the Council Office.


A penalty charge of 10 percent (10%) on any part of an instalment that has been assessed for the financial year commencing 1 July 2018 and which remains unpaid after 5pm on the due date for payment of that instalment, to be added on the penalty dates below:

  • Instalment 1      4 September 2018
  • Instalment 2      4 December 2018
  • Instalment 3      4 March 2019
  • Instalment 4      4 June 2019

A further penalty charge of 10 percent (10%) on any part of any rates assessed before 1 July 2018 that remains unpaid on 1 July 2018, to be added on 5 July 2018.

No penalties will be charged where a ratepayer is paying rates by direct debit or where there is an approved payment arrangement in place.

What can I do if I have difficulty paying my rates?

The Waitomo District Council recognises that some ratepayers may face difficulties paying their rates bill. There are a variety of payment options available for customers to help them pay their rates and pay off rates arrears. 

Please contact our friendly Customer Services Team on free phone 0800-932-4357 for further assistance.

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