Te Kuiti Railway Station Buildings

Council has successfully completed a full restoration project for the three Railway Station Buildings and created a vibrant hub for the community.

Note: Building 2 is currently leased to Stoked Bar and Eatery.



The Te Kuiti Railway Station Revitalisation project aims to promote the culture and history of the community and bring a sense of pride for the township and District as a whole.  Council's aim was to re-invigorate and showcase the Railway heritage of Te Kuiti, create a vibrant hub for the benefit of the community, and to contribute to the economic and social development of the Waitomo District.

The Railway station buildings located on Rora Street Te Kuiti are historically significant and hold a category B heritage status. The buildings remained vacant for many years and were poorly maintained while tenanted.

Council recognised the importance and value of the railway heritage for Te Kuiti. Given the prominence of the buildings, Waitomo District Council undertook to secure these buildings with a long-term lease of the land on which they are sited, from KiwiRail in 2012.  Due to the historical significance of the buildings, KiwiRail would only consider the transfer of ownership of the Railway Buildings to a local government organisation. A condition of transfer of ownership was that any future development should be in the interest of the community and the historic nature and significance of the buildings should be protected in the long term. 

Before photos

All three buildings required external and internal restoration and structural strengthening work. Renewal of the foundations, strengthening of the brick chimneys, canopy and brick walls, reproofing, repairs to the external cladding to the buildings/windows and painting of the complex.

Build two before revitalisation project  Building window frames
 Building doorway frame  Inside railway station building 2

After photos

All three buildings are now in excellent condition and look fantastic.

 Inside Railway Building 2  Kitchen inside Railway Building 2
 Inside Railway Building 1  Railway Station platform
Inside railway station building 3 New entrance to Visitor Centre and connection to building 1


The Roading restoration project involved the planned renewal of the roading area adjacent to the railway buildings. This work was completed in early 2014, and involved two phases - initial pipework renewal first, followed by the carriageway renewal. 

This project involved the renewal of the road sub base, and associated kerb, channel and footpath work. 
Rora Street crossing Rora Street Sheridan Street crossing
 The garden beds were also renewed  The garden beds were also renewed
Te Kuiti Railway Station Buildings